Extreme Sport Tourism

A recent article in Leisure Opportunities reports that Manx tourism officials are looking to diversify the economy of the Isle of Man by pushing extreme sport tourism. Director of Manxtreme.com, Simon Crellin, is working with tourism officials to push sports such as sea kayaking, mountain biking, open-water swimming and coasteering, making the most of the island’s natural resources such as mountains, coastline and mountain bike trails.
The island already has a busy calendar of events, including the Sleepwell end2end mountain bike race – a 75km cycle across the island’s natural trails and the Manx Mountain Marathon, a 31 mile fell race. As well as maximising these existing competitions, others will be organised too. This June, a triathlon is being organised to coincide with the TT races. It will include an open-water swim, the equivalent of three laps of the TT course on a bike and a full marathon. The end will be at the TT Grandstand.