Tourismos - new issue

The latest issue of this journal are now available. Contents include:
  • Tourism demand in Catalonia
  • The relationship between personality, gender & hotel departments : Turkey
  • Tourism taxation & environmental quality in a model with vertical differentiation
  • State & tourism planning : a case study of Cambodia
  • Tourism as a stimulus for sustainable development in rural areas : Cyprus
  • The importance of strategic stakeholder management in the tourism sector
  • Domestic tourism in Iran
  • Motivations of young volunteers in special events

Dark Tourism

Recently, the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument was unveiled at nine historic sites across the US, five of these at Pearl Harbor. These focus on the events leading up to Pearl Harbor through to the Peace Treaty in Kyoto Bay—with the emphasis on the historical events of World War II in the Pacific Theater and its impacts on the mainland. A website showcasing the major events and people of WW2 in the Pacific is under construction...

Another memorial to those who have died during times of conflict, is the Linen Memorial in Ireland. Names of those killed are embroidered onto handkerchiefs and these are then hung and displayed to form a monument.

"Dying Speeches & Bloody Murders" is a website containing a collection of digitised crime broadsides that will be of interest to anyone with an interest in the history of crime and punishment. This collection of over 500 broadsides comes from the Harvard Law School Library.

Tourism Insights

Recent articles include:
  • Segmenting the tourism market
  • Linking to the cruise industry
  • Historic towns and tourism
  • Corporate hospitality in the economic downturn
  • The effect of the recession on the hotel sector
  • Visitor centres: meeting the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Transport in historic towns
  • Case study: East Midlands tourism's approach to the family market
  • Skills & training - the forgotten ingredient for future growth
  • Surviving the recession: lessons for the independent hoteliers
  • Visitor perceptions of public transport in London
  • Complaint handling - a guide to best practice
  • Tourism & the proposed Marine & Coastal Access Act 2009
  • The case for public funding of tourism

Tomorrow's World, Consumer & Tourist

VisitScotland in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University have produced Tomorrow's World, Consumer & Tourist a report on sport tourism. This has been inspired by the forthcoming Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. With a focus on sport tourism in general, research carried out has resulted in many charts and tables of statistics based on research carried out in Scotland with comparisons made with the UK and Europe. Issues discussed in this paper include who the beneficiaries of sport are, self-improvement, charities and volunteering.

Here are some of the recent additions to (non-Athens resource):

Some of the brief articles look at:
  • Measuring aggressiveness in sport
  • Liverpool as Cultural Capital
  • English coast under threat
  • Demand for agritourism in the US
  • Namibia tourism
  • Safety and injuries in adventure tourism
  • Fair Trade and African tourism
There are also a number of special reports which include Food and wine tourism in Australia, Travel habits and the destination positioning of Costa Rica, Economic impact of baseball, Tourism and handicrafts, Valuing tourism spend from national parks and Adventure tourism and adventure sports injury.

Featured papers include Interactions between outdoor recreation uses; Americans travelling for health care; Sustainability criteria and rural development; Sport opportunities in India; Cruise ship tourism in Pacific development and Female travellers.


The second edition of the London Journal of Tourism, Sport and Creative Industries is now available online. Contents include:
  • Creating service opportunities using mobile phone technology in museums
  • Community attitude to Barbados' alternative accommodation initiative
  • The benefits of using student volunteers for small businesses in the event industry
  • The use of social networking within the sport and exercise sciences
  • The development of limited overs cricket: London's loss of power
Here's the link to the first issue, and a page to register for future alerts.

Dark tourism

Interesting conversations have been taking place on the dark tourism research forum, such as whether slum tourism can be considered to be dark tourism, the motivation for dark tourism, topics used for research on dark tourism, the prevalence of the London Dungeons and Auschwitz as focuses for study and ideas for dark tourism in Paris.

A Discussion Paper Tourism to Places with a Difficult Past discusses recent research trends and concepts in heritage Tourism, dissonant heritage tourism, thanatourism, dark tourism and holocaust tourism. There is a call for papers for the Death, Commemoration and Memory conference which will take place on 24-25 June at University of Edinburgh and a Titanic Memorial Cruise is planned for 8 April 2012.

The Sage Handbook of Tourism Studies by T. Jamal (available in Quick Ref at 911 JAM), includes a chapter by T. Seaton entitled "Thanatourism and Its Discontents".

An archive of The War Tourist newsletter is available here. It concerns itself with recounts of places visited by a war tourist, focussing on the great fortifications of the two World Wars and provides practical information for those who may be interested in visiting the places themselves.

An article in the Guardian discusses the experience of a group of young people in Auschwitz. Another article follows pupils travelling to Auschwitz as part of their study, here.

Green Space

A guide has been produced by Greenspace Scotland which provides support for those wishing to conduct a health impact assessment of greenspace; it also considers the role of greenspace in improving health. On a similar note, the Mayor of London and CABE Space have developed a report entitled 'Open Space Strategies - best practice guidance'.

For those interested in urban planning and public space design, there are a number of case studies on the CABE website as well as publications, teaching resources, events and news.

A research paper by Dr Mitchell published in The Lancet recently has found that physical activity in green spaces might be instrumental in reducing socio-economic health inequalities.

Hidden Europe magazine

Recent editions of Hidden Europe contain articles of various little-known regions, including the following:
  • Germany: the Moselle valley
  • Velebit (Croatia) - Edith Durham
  • Eurostar connections - Transdniestr
  • Moravian Brethren - checking airline routes on the web
  • Istanbul's western districts
  • An English Eden: Tresco
  • The children of Golzow: Germany
  • Exploring the European ArcticPoland: Poznan blues
  • France: murals in Angoul√™me
  • Turkey: discovering Allianoi
  • Baltic: the Curonian Spit
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