Employability Week , 15th - 19th November

As Hazel Foggin, Head of Careers at UCB, points out, “Now more than ever, it is important to make sure your CV will stand out in a crowd.” To help that CV stand out, students will have the opportunity to pick up valuable skills and take part in a number of activities including workshops, a careers and recruitment fair, volunteers day, employer presentations and short courses.

In addition, a week of free courses aimed at enterprise and entrepreneurship is taking place, especially useful for those who might be looking to start their own business when they leave college; the following areas will be covered:

  • Monday: 
    • Introduction and Creative Thinking
    • Business Structures, Legislation and Protecting your Ideas
  • Tuesday:
    • Identifying Competitors and Evaluating the Business
    • Identifying and Testing Market Demand
  • Wednesday
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Employment Presentations
  • Thursday:
    • Raising Finance
    • Financial Reporting
  • Friday:
    • Legal Compliance
    • Writing the Business Plan
 If you're interested in taking part, contact Paul Matthews, p.matthews@ucb.ac.uk.