Help Transform this East End Park!

With only a few minutes of your time you can help the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities revitalize an East End park and give kids a new place to play. All you need to do is visit and vote for Richmond’s Ethel Bailey Furman Park to help the city win a $15,000 grant to refurbish the park’s basketball courts.      The city of Richmond is one of

Via @

A new interdisciplinary, international tourism journal, Via@, has just been launched. A collaboration between a number of universities, it encourages open online engagement, particularly between young researchers, to share views and contribute to issues of interest - find out more
The first issue discusses the topic of Tourist Imaginaries. Articles are available in a variety of languages and the website itself can be viewed in German, Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian or Portuguese as well as English. Read the issue here...

There is a call for papers for the next 3 issues, on the following topics:
  • Gastronomy, tourism and globalization
  • Tourism and identity processes
  • Tourism and memory, tourism as memorial, memories of tourism
Instructions for submissions can be found here. Paper proposals on other topics are also welcomed.

    A possible truth

    And, indeed, a slightly depressing possible truth is that many of the poetry magazines which have sustained the to-and-fro of contemporary writing over the last few decades have had their funding cut and need the support of readers more than ever. Two publications which definitely deserve that kind of support are Agenda and Tears in the Fence, both of which have offered an alternative to the constricting metropolitan orthodoxy established by a certain Penguin anthology back in the 1980s. More here: and

    City to Hold Egg Hunts at Community Centers

    Richmond, VA – On Monday, April 9, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., children age 12 and younger are invited to hunt for 25,000 candy- and prize-filled eggs that will be hidden at the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities’ community centers and participate in other fun activities for free. The centers are located as follows:Ann Hardy Plaza                            3000 First Ave.

    Another part of At Home

    The garden reeks of a season’s neglect,
    the sweet, dank mould of cherry leaves,
    parsimonious winter. Failing to make
    amends; pigeons coo arguments
    from an outhouse roof.

    You ham it up by calling it regret.
    The moon’s blur lights an island of cloud.
    Nothing’s out of place but your self –
    or that’s what you’re thinking
    (if that’s your voice you hear speaking),
    but it’s doing you no good.

    Originally published by Various Artists; copyright Tom Phillips 2012

    Says it all

    Mr Gramsci has the floor ....

    from At Home

    Tracer fire across sand dunes works hard
    to mark a limit to our enterprise.

    You can balk at that possessive all you want.
    In this rock pool, the stick stirs one way

    and every hermit crab scuttles in the same direction.

    Originally published by Various Artists; copyright Tom Phillips 2012.

    UNWTO - Newsletter


    The latest newsletter by UNWTO is now available here.
         Click here to view past issues.

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    Budget 2012

    "A reckless brake on the economy..."
    Board of Airline Representatives, UK (BAR UK).

    BAR UK, which represents over 80 airlines, said George Osborne has ignored widespread opposition to the APD tax. Despite ABTA's efforts to lobby the APD tax, today's budget revealed an 8% rise in the tax from 1st April; ABTA described the Chancellor's decision as "incredibly disappointing". more...

    Leisure Opportunities

    The latest digitial edition of Leisure Opportunities is a special issue for graduates. News from various leisure industries is given, covering:
    • Sport
    • Health & Fitness
    • Hotels
    • Attractions & Museums
    • Arts & Culture
    • Spa
    • Tourism
    • Property
    • Training
    • Jobs


    Here are 10 top tips from Rough Guides for first-time travellers to India... 

    Civil Aviation Bill - ABTA reports on progress

    Here are some useful links which provide information on the ATOL Reform and ABTA's response to Air Passenger Duty:

    Sustainable Tourism 2012

    5th International Conference on Sustainable Tourism
    13–15 June 2012, A Coruña, Spain

    UK Sport invest in British Ski & Snowboard

     “We are delighted that UK Sport shares our view of the potential for our athletes to win medals in Sochi and future Olympic events - we are very grateful for the support..With this game-changing award, the bar is now set higher. We look forward to the next two years with huge enthusiasm" 
     David Edwards, Chief Executive of British Ski and Snowboard
    British Ski and Snowboarding, the new governing body for snowsports, is set to receive an award of upto £348,450 from UK Sport, which will help fund their athletes’ preparations for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. UK Sport were unable to invest in snowsports until a new national governing body had been established, following the collapse of SnowsportGB in 2010, read the article ...

    Free 'Eggstravaganza' Set for March 24

    The Department has partnered with Radio One to hold a free spring “Eggstravaganza” for children age 12 and younger on Saturday, March 24, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Forest Hill Park, 4021 Forest Hill Ave. The event will feature two egg hunts at 12:30 p.m., one for ages 5 through 8 and another for ages 9 through 12. A total of 25,000 candy-prize filled eggs will be up for grabs in the two egg hunts

    Travel Writing Scholarship 2012

    Win an opportunity to travel to SE Asia with a
    travel writer and contribute to the
    next edition of a Rough Guide!
    Find out more

    Swansboro Pool Closed for Repairs

    The department has temporarily closed its Swansboro indoor swimming pool to allow for the replacement of a malfunctioning water heater. Beginning Tuesday, March 13, 2012, all programs that were offered at the Swansboro Pool will be held at the Calhoun indoor swimming pool, located at 436 Calhoun St., until further notice.  
         In addition, some scheduling changes have been made to accommodate

    ATLAS Conference

    ATLAS annual conference 2012
    12 - 15 September 2012, London, United Kingdom
    University of East London

    Re-creating the Global City:
    Tourism, Leisure and Mega-Events in the Transformation of 21st Century Cities

    Abstracts submission before 19th March 2012 : Find out more here

    Holidays at Home are Great...or are they?

    Travelmole reports that ABTA have responded strongly against a £4m Government-backed advertising campaign to encourage Britons to holiday at home, stating that the ‘Holidays at Home are Great’ campaign, launched  by VisitEngland, was a "misguided use of public funds".  According to a YouGov poll commissioned by ABTA, only 4% of consumers admitted to being influenced by Government advertising - 45% said they were more influenced by family and friends and 36% that they were inspired by travel websites and brochures. 

    However, Tony Clish, director of Park Holidays UK, has criticised ABTA, stating their comments were hardly surprising, coming from a body whose members' interests were served by encouraging people to holiday abroad.

    Tell me what you think - will this persuade you to holiday at home this year? 


    The Grand Idea Competition

    The Centre, Friday

    This is not a place to be in at a loss:
    you need wits and cash about you.
    And I am a different person on these streets,
    adjusting pace and expression to how
    it might be possible not to stand at odds.
    Common ground amongst predictable gridlock
    is reduced to a concrete plaza with fountains,
    Bible bashers, benches, rubbish bins:
    whatever each complains of when we’ll be home.

    There’s a long way to go before that.
    The waterfront bellows with stag parties;
    tourists affront lovers sequestered at wharf’s edge.
    Negotiating the overspill from franchised bars,
    there seems to be some hope for separate peace.
    At the outset of Friday night, the cordon’s drawn up:
    helicopter flashlights splash along the harbour.

    It’s not the whole story. On the corner
    by the swing bridge’s worn-through asphalt tiles,
    the leaf-clogged puddles on harbourside cobbles,
    you were almost in danger of kicking away
    a used condom’s rubbery squiggle:
    sign at least that, in this intoxicating air,
    someone was tempted to believe
    love was somewhere near.

    Tom Phillips

    A presentation of the key policy issues raised at the ATHE Annual Conference 2011 is now available to view here.

    Five-Leaf System

    Members of the Tourism Society can now join the Five-Leaf System for free. It aims to help holiday makers and people travelling on business book with eco-friendly companies, by giving a 1 to 5 leaf scale rating on the eco-performance of hotels, guest houses and houseboats, irrespective of their star rating. It already has on board, travel agents and tour operators from over 20 countries as well as 65 hotels, many of which are big chains; this year they will look to include eco-related product suppliers.

    RASAALA - Journal

    RASAALA has published a special issue covering 'Leisure, Tourism & Risk', which is now available to view online here.

    UK Online Fraud Report

    Although strong growth has been forecast for online businesses in the UK this year, online fraud is also growing - 51% of travel merchants surveyed said that their biggest fraud concern is the sheer loss of revenue.

    This report provides an in-depth analysis, following a survey of 200 merchants with comparisons drawn against previous research. It also offers best practice advice, benchmarks and insight for online traders,  together with industry comments, which include the travel sector. This complimentary guide, courtesy of CyberSource, covers:
    • Top automated fraud tools
    • Manual review metrics
    • Chargeback management
    • Mobile channel practices