2013 Adventure Conference

Registration is now open for the 2013 Adventure Conference will take place from 21-23 May in Scotland. Papers to include:
  •  Celebrating natural capital - covering issues of ecosophy, back-to-basics adventure, being and not necessarily doing, traditional adventure, friluftsliv and making the most of our natural capital.
  •  Inclusive adventure - exploring the issue of accessibility to outdoor sport, leisure and tourism (in any of its guises) which pertain to adventure, including: who are the missing populations in the adventure world (eg. genders, ages, races, mobilities, socio-economic status)? How might they be enabled to experience the outdoors?
  • Supporting the adventure experience: infrastructure and integration - investigations into the supporting elements that go to make the holistic adventure experience, from food, accommodation (in whatever form these may take), service quality, transportation, the promotion and marketing of experiences and strategies for stretching the season.
  • Adventure responsibilities - is outdoor leisure and tourism really such a light-touch, groovy phenomenon? What is the real legacy of the ‘taming’ of adventure?
  •  Creating / branding adventure destinations and sports venues - encompassing a range of elements such as resort development, product and destination management and marketing.