Tourismos Journal

The latest issue of Tourismos is now available online and packed full of articles across a range of current topics. Here are the contents:
  • The impact of macroeconomic country-specific factors on international expansion of US hotel chains
  • The impact of carbon discharge legislation on future development of maritime tourism and cruising
  • Tour guiding : interpreting the challenges
  • Tourism activity and economic conditions in Britain
  • The effect of wellness brand awareness on expected and perceived service quality
  • Exploring the effects of destination's positioning on hotels' performance : the Milan case
  • The economic potential of tourism : a case study of Agra
  • Tourism development and politics in the Philippines
  • Jet ski development strategies: the case of Caspian Sea's South-West Beach
  • Assisted-suicide tourism : is it tourism?
  • Rural tourism offer and local community participation in the Gambia
  • Angkor heritage tourism and tourist perceptions
  • Considerations for sustainable tourism development: perspectives from the South Pacific
  • Local food in local menus : the case of Gokceada
  • The D.I.Y. tourist
  • Case Studies: benchmarking the Egyptian medical tourism sector
  • Against international best practices: an exploratory case study 
  • The role of alternative types of tourism and ict strategy for the tourism industry of Lesvos  
  • Analysis of the economic impacts of cultural festivals: the case of Calabar Carnival in Nigeria
  • Movies as a tool of modern tourist marketing
  • The development of cultural tourism: a review of the UK experience 
  • The environmental management systems and contemporary tourism development 
Research Notes:
  • The sustainability of tourism supply chain: a case study research
  •  Casino v. historical tourism destinations along Route No.9 In Savannakhet City
 + book reviews!