Most Brits prefer to be beside the seaside...

The majority of Brits prefer to head to the beach on holiday, according to the results of a recent ABTA survey. More than a third of Brits chose a beach holiday as their perfect getaway, with women (42%) preferring to be beside the seaside more than men (31%). But as the majority of people prefer to travel with their family (42%), it is likely that the men will get dragged along.

City breaks were the second most popular type of holiday, favoured by 17 percent of Brits, and more popular with men than with women. Cultural breaks came third (11%) followed by romantic getaways which, curiously, were more popular with men.

While family holidays were the most popular with both sexes, men were found to be more inclined to take breaks with friends (19%) than women  (16%); they also have a greater inclination to travel alone, compared to women.

Split by age group, beach holidays were most popular among 35-44 year olds, while city breaks were favoured more by 25-34 year olds (24%).