WTM Global Trends Report 2012

Euromonitor, in association with the World Travel Market, have helped compile a new report this month, which takes a look at  global travel trends; contents are as follows:

Americas: The Attraction of Forbidden Lands
Previously off-limit countries welcome more Americans.
UK: Tingo Rips up the Rule Book
Tingo offers customers the best hotel rates.
Europe: BRICs' Grand Shopping Tour
Brazil, Russia, India and China turn to luxury shopping in Europe.
Travel Technology: The Power of Smart TVs
Smart TVs integrate TV, internet and social media with opportunities for travel brands.
Middle East: Rise of Shopping Hotels
As popularity of shopping rises, hotels locate closer to shopping malls.
Africa: Destination Nollywood
Nigeria’s booming film industry draws intra-regional visitors.
Global Village: Digital Detox
Hotels offer detox holidays to help device-addicted consumers de-stress.
Asia: Luxury Car Brands Take on Hotels
Luxury car brands which are popular across Asia, now make inroads in the hotel sector.
India: Gold Rush on Low Cost
Indians’ take advantage of low-cost fares to travel to the Middle East's gold souks

The report can be viewed in GMID (Athens) 
or can be downloaded here ( registration required)