The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is a specialised agency of the United Nations that serves as a global forum for tourism policy issues. Its members include 154 countries and 7 territories as well as many Affiliate Members from both public and private sectors. UNWTO's mission is to promote and develop tourism as a significant means of fostering economic development, trade and international peace and understanding
The website contains a wealth of information including details of events and publications. One of their publications is entitled Tourism and the Millennium Development Goals. They have also produced the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and further documents related to this.

The 1st Report on the Implementation of the Roadmap for Recovery provides feedback from countries worldwide on their future tourism strategy, under three headings Resilience, Stimulus and Green Economy.

A special edition e-magazine covers Tourism and Biodiversity. Past issues of the World Tourism Barometer can be found here.  For an overview of tourism trends and statistics in 2009, try Tourism Highlights.  

UNWTO Video Gallery UNWTO campaigns as well as key figures in the organisation discussing aspects of tourism.