More obscure moments in the life of a home counties teenager

Thanks, then, to YouTube, here are some more links which might help to explain what has gone before...!v=_q3TiwBBDmc&feature=related Orange Juice from the days when it was possible to make videos involving both dansette-style record players and the hammer & sickle Possibly the only pop song ever written about post-structuralism - Scritti Politti are in love with Jacques Derrida Slightly disturbing interpretation possibly by Japanese film-makers and definitely unofficial video to go with the Violent Femmes's 'Add It Up'. This one's a slightly (but not much) less disturbing version:!v=xmo6qyhdav8&feature=related Arguably the reason the hideous distortion afforded the word 'indie' by the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Snow Patrol is such a thorn in the side of anyone born before about 1985. And Roddy Frame in his finest form. God knows where they filmed this but it's definitely a snippet of one of punk's most underrated bands in full flow Magazine sing 'Model Worker' in Los Angeles. No irony required. "I need a holiday, I've not been well..."