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Shoreline Trails

"Created: 19/05/12
Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Residents: 3

Shoreline Trails is a residential lot in The Sims 2 that the player unlocks 
after completing all the platinum and gold wants. The lot is by the beach, 
has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and is valued around §80,000. There is a 
trampoline in the back. All three house roommates wear exercise garments. 

Household Name: Shoreline Trails
Funds:  §22,140
Number of Residents:  3
Member List: 

Timmy Tool - , Male, Young Adult

Timmy knows excellence, and he knows he ain't got it. But when life 
gives Timmy a lemon, he takes the lemon and makes lemonade. The lemonade 
is terrible, but it's still lemonade.

Torin Namaste - , Male, Young Adult

Torin doesn't think he's better than you. He knows he's better than you. 

Torin has heavily invested in perfection, and your humiliation represents 
a return on his investment.

Farah Moonbiscuit - , Female, Young Adult

Inventor of the wildly popular "Abdominal Catapult" technique, Farah Moonbiscuit 
topped this earlier success by building a national chain of hollstic gymnasiums that 
promote her philosophy of Sadistic Harmony."

Rockwell Acres

"Created: 22/05/12
Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 20 x 40
Residents: 2

Rockwell Acres is a residential lot that only appears in The Sims 2 for console in story mode. 
Ossie Madison and Felicity Usher live here, and it is the first lot the player stays at in the game. 
There is a lot of dirt on the kitchen floor for the player to clean up. "

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"Household Name: Rockwell Acres
Funds:  §20,100
Number of Residents:  2
Member List: 

Ossie Madison - , Male, Young Adult

Ossie is a spectacularly messy slob. It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of his affliction, 
although "lazy" and "male" leap most readily to mind.

Felicity Usher - , Female, Young Adult

Felicity doesn't believe it's necessary to hand wash shower curtains daily, unless of course a 
Sim cares about the health and well-being of her household. Cleanliness is next to her Godliness."

Cliffside Retreat

"Created: 22/05/12
Occupied: No
Type: Residential
Lot Size: 30 x 30
Residents: 3
Cliffside Retreat is a residential lot in The Sims 2 for Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. 
Players unlock the lot by satisfying Timmy, Torin, and Farah's platinum wants in Shoreline Trails. 
The lot is located in the mountains. It has one kitchen, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living 
room with a piano and fireplace. "

"Household Name: Cliffside Retreat
Funds:  §68,593
Number of Residents:  3
Member List: 

Isabella Monty - , Female, Elder

Isabella sold her share in a profitable garden center to pursue her dream of owning a bed and 
breakfast. She carries herself with the quiet confidence of a beloved grandmother.

Patrizio Monty - , Male, Elder

Patrizio left his financial career to help his wife run a cliffside Bed and Breakfast. 
He carries himself with the spastic confidence of someone who is not confident at all.

Don Treadwell - , Male, Young Adult

Don Treadwell attended the prestigious Cate School of Waitering, where he majored in Snootery, 
with a concentration in disdain. Secretly, he loves the tough but supple feel of denim."