Tourismos - Vol. 6, no. 1

Research Papers:
  • Nicosia - concerted retailing and tourism strategies to awaken a neglected and sleeping beauty
  • Local residents' preferences for second home tourism development policies: a choice experiment analysis
  • The management of uncertainty in tourism: strategic paradoxes and communication
  • Community-based tourism in developing countries: a case study
  • Ethical approaches and their application in hotel managers' decision making
  • Gendered leisure: are women more constrained in travel for leisure?
  • Market segmentation in wine tourism: a comparison of approaches
  • Second homes and the need for policy planning
  • New tourism in a new society arises from “peak oil”
  • Measuring results of training with ROI method: an application in a 5-star hotel in Antalya region of Turkey
Case Studies:
  • Mice tourism in Piedmont: economic perspective and quantitative analysis of customer satisfaction
  • Nautical tourism in fostering the sustainable development: a case study of Croatia’s coast and island
  • International tourism, domestic tourism and environmental change: environmental education can find the balance
  • Ecotourism and its impact on the regional economy – a study of North Bengal (India)
  • Rent-a-car industry: a case study in Argentina
Research Notes:
  • Assessment of nature-based tourism in South Kelantan, Malaysia
  • The role of transportation in the development of tourism in Nigeria