Recent articles have included discussion of the following:

In sport/leisure:
  • Digital gaming
  • Street cricket
  • Winter sports in Canada
  • Twenty20 cricket league in the USA
  • Sport nutrition for endurance athletes
  • The claimed benefits of losing Olympic bids
  • Legacy plan for Glasgow's Commonwealth Games
  • Importance of television money to sport in the UK
  • Sports club membership boosts physical activity in young people
  • Economic impact of the 2015 Rugby World Cup to England
In tourism:
  • Casino tourism in Louisiana
  • Trophy hunting in Namibia
  • Bathing quality of beaches
  • Hotel service quality
  • HRM in travel and hospitality industries
  • The economic value of Liverpool's' museums
  • Effects of the economy on theme parks
  • Heritage tourism in Wales and Scotland
  • Travel websites/online V. traditional travel agents
  • Links between business travel and company profits
  • Impact of the global economy on Caribbean tourism
  • Pro-poor interventions in the tourism value chain
  • Internet search behaviour of hotel customers
  • The impacts of the influenza outbreak on Mexico's tourism industry
  • Risks to wildlife in the Galapagos from disease vectors spread by tourism
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